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Fazl Mosque

Located in Southfields is Fazl Mosque also known as The London Mosque. Opened in 1926, it is the first mosque ever to be built in London. Only costing £6223 for the construction and land where the mosque was built. The building cost and land was paid for by an Ahmadi Muslim women of Qadian, India.

London Central Mosque

The most popular mosque in London is the London Central Mosque also known as Islamic Cultural Centre or Regent’s Park Mosque. It was designed in 1977 by Sir Frederick Gibber who included a golden dome, woman’s prayer balcony and a giant chandelier to his design. The mosque was completed and opened in 1978, and today serves 5,000 worshippers.

Baitul Futuh Mosque

One of the youngest mosques in the city, Baitul Futuh Mosque also known as the Morden Mosque was built in 2003. Located in the Morden, the mosque is one of the largest in Britain and holds over 10,000 people.

Brick Lane Mosque

Formerly known as London Jamme Masjid, Brick Lane Mosque is located in East London in an area of Spitalfields on Brick Lane Street. The building itself was formerly used as a religious centre for other faiths in the community, but was converted into a mosque in 1970s. Today, the building welcomes 3,000 worshippers from mostly Bangladeshi decent.

Aziziye Mosque

Located in Stoke Newington, Aziziye Mosque is a Turkish mosque that is funded by the UK Turkish Islamic Association. Aziziye Mosque has a capacity of 2,000 people with sermons preached in Turkish. It also includes a halal butcher shop, education centre, wedding hall and restaurant that serves the surrounding Muslim community.