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Goooood morning from Krabi!

Today was an exciting day. We had breakfast and took a boat ride to a beautiful place called Railay Beach. The boat took a while to get started but finally the engine spluttered and roared then we were off. Personally, I loved the boat ride and enjoyed gazing out to the blue horizon, trailed my fingers in the silent water, admiring the picturesque mountains.

However, my baby sister (not me – Maryam) wasn’t used to this bumpy mode of transportation and emptied her breakfast on the floor of the boat. I was so intent on the sea and hearing the engine’s roar that I didn’t even notice until I finally craned around and saw the surprise. I think even the fish groaned!

It was a beautiful but bumpy journey with lots of great natural structures around us.

The beach itself was also like something out of King Kong as we felt like the towering trees and greenery overshadowed us.

The beach has a lovely welcoming sign when you arrive on shore.

The beach itself is beautiful, although the weather was a little dull while we were there.

Then as if responding to my sister’s involuntary expulsion, It started raining heavily with a torrent of unforgivable drops smashing into the turbulent sea, whilst the boat rocked violently. When we staggered off, we were all feeling a little green. The sea was icy cold though I ran to it eagerly. The waves hurled over my head and I coughed, my throat burning from the sudden storm of salt. I stuck my head above the enormous waves and swam for a bit. The rain had slowed and finally stopped so i helped my siblings build a sandcastle. They were useless at digging so i put all my power and dug hard. We built a huge, wobbly makeshift volcano – thanks to my efforts – and we marvelled at our work until my baby sister came stomping up and flattened our volcano with her foot.

We played in the sand for a bit and the rain started again. This time it was more heavier and the drops were huge and they devoured every inch of sand. Running for shelter, we found the lobby and stood there shivering. After a wash, we headed back to the Holiday Inn Resort.

So it was back onto the fun boat ride again – thankfully, nobody vomited but most of us fell asleep. We took a tuk-tuk to our resort and quickly rinsed ourselves to get rid of the sand.

Enjoy the beautiful storm, I will continue with the remainder of the day in my next post where I review an amazing (that’s a clue to what it’s called) restaurant in Krabi Town.

As I write this, I can feel the storm’s wind and feel the pellets of rain just from remembering it!

Soha & Maryam.