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Set on the banks of Thames River, London is a cosmopolitan city in England. It is a hub for everything and anything including business, fashion, entertainment and media. The city is also known for its monarchy, history and decedent arts. Whether you come to visit sites like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Big Ben or to see some of the biggest names in entertainment at O2 Arena or Royal Albert Hall and even to shop at the wide variety of designer boutiques like Stella McCathy, Abuze, or Anderson & Sheppard, you are in for a thrilling adventure in the city of London.

Although, Islam is a minority religion, the Muslim population of around 600 000 people is thriving. Finding a mosque, halal restaurant and accommodation that suits your needs is as easy as asking. Enjoy the bustle of the city as you explore the endless amount of awesome attractions and activities London has to offer.

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