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Whether you want to explore the hills of Chiang Mai or relax at the luxury resorts on Koh Samui, island hop around Phuket or shop in Bangkok, Thailand offers its visitors an experience like no other. If you’re seeking an adventure, a time for relaxation or an adrenaline fix, Thailand has it all. Even though Buddhism is practiced by most Thai people, there is a significant number of Thai Muslims living in the south and north of the country. The magnitude of the Muslim community can quickly be identified by the 3,400 mosques, four million people who practice the faith, and numerous halal restaurants scattered throughout the country.

Thailand offers all its visitors a unique opportunity to completely turn off from the stresses of work and indulge life’s everyday pleasures. Different regions of Thailand are perfect for different occasions so whether you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon or a family-friendly destination there is a city or island that will cater to your every need.

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