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The national dishes of Indonesia have gained international attention from the Middle East and U.S. President Barack Obama. Adapted by the Arab traders, satay is meat marinated in turmeric, dipped in barbecue sauce and served on a stick with rice cake on the side. It is sold by vendors on the streets of Jakarta; it can also be found in Sate Ragusa. Praised as a favorite dish by President Obama, bakso is a relishing meatball noodle soup; the meatball is either made up of chicken, beef or a combination of both. Bakso is sold from pushcarts but if there isn’t any around, visit Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan. Recognized as one of the national dishes of Indonesian, nasi goreng is fried rice with a mixture of soy sauce, carrots and cucumbers; it is served in Menteng Plaza. Fire up your taste buds with the spicy sambal sauce served in almost every Indonesian restaurant. The sambal sauce is a special chilli sauce blended with shrimp paste, lime juice, sugar, and salt. With all the appetizing dishes of Indonesia, refresh your taste buds with something new, you never know it might become one of your favorite dishes!

Namaaz Dining

Fine dining is not just about eating a good meal, it is about the experience. If you’re in Jakarta, and your wallet stretches enough, Namaaz is a must. The first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Indonesia, Namaaz serves Indonesian food as its signature dishes. With just 28 seats, space is limited and reservations are a must. Diners are invited to experience a set course of 17 course creations that change every season. Inspired by a multitude of art disciplines and prepared through scientific techniques Chef Andrian Ishak will take you and your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey.

Bakmi GM

When you can’t decide where to go for lunch or dinner try Bakmi GM. described as serving the best noodles in town, Bakmi is authentic Indonesian cuisine that is fast, cheap and available almost anywhere in Jakarta. Order their special bowl of chicken noodle with mushrooms accompanied by fried dumplings and fried chicken wonton for a taste of Indonesia. The menu also boasts a choice of Chinese foods with a distinctive Indonesian touch. Try the coffee jelly, fresh, tasty and different.