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As Dutch control expanded through the archipelago more and more land was taken from traditional leaders. In 1942 the Japanese Imperial army marched into Batavia, arresting Europeans and removing signs of Dutch rule. The Japanese were harsh masters, but also provided training and impetus for the declaration if an independent Indonesia in 1945. Almost 50,000 Indonesians were killed in the ensuing war and the UN stepped in in 1947 following a particularly bloody offensive by the Dutch. In February 1948 the Dutch broke the UN agreement and launched another full scale attack, turning global opinion. As a result it was forced to negotiate independence and the Indonesian flag was raised on 27th of December 1949. Almost 50 years later the Tsunami of 2004 ravaged 487 communities. The remarkable resilience and recovery since this natural disaster is indicative of the individual ingenuity and the communal efforts of the Indonesian people. Despite a tumultuous political history and natural disasters, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia.