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Traditional Maldivan cuisine is based on coconut, fish and starches such as rice. Take a traditional breakfast with Mas Huni, a dish of finely chopped tuna, onion coconuts and chilli and eaten with freshly baked rosh flatbread. One of the best ways to sample the fresh fish is with the mouth watering Fihunu Mas; barbecued fish basted with chilli. For dessert, try Maldivian sliced justard, or as its locally known, Bis Haluvaa. Made with ghee, sweetened condensed milk and eggs this chilled dessert is the perfect ending to a locally inspired meal.

Just Veg

Just Veg is in Male, a purely Vegetarian restaurant, a first in the Maldives, it serves delightful vegetarian cuisine from the Mediterranean, Arabic, Indian regions along with a special menu specifically for Jain Cuisine. Try their citrus asparagus salad, with green asparagus and soft tofu salad, mung bean sprouts, heart of palm, grapefruit segment and seasoned with citrus soya dressing. The sweet and sour Manchurian vegetable in its warm gravy served with a crunchy katchumnbar vegetables medley is a stunningly simple appetizer. For your main meal, try the Baron bride eggplant; aubergine fritters topped with creamy mushroom persillade and cheese au gratin egg plant baba ganoush and roasted cherry tomato. For nutella fans, the Nutellamisu dessert is simply scrumptious; light and egg less twist of tiramisu with mascarpone froth, nutella, banana and cashew brownie, accompanied with a refreshing Just Veg herbal shooter.

The Sea House

Close to the jetty, with a great view of the ocean, the Sea House is a great little cafe to sit and relax on an open deck over a well priced meal. Plan your visit for just before sunset to ensure a breath taking view backdrop. The Sea House offers a variety of cuisines; Indian, Pakistani and Dhivehi. Enjoy a simple meal or Dinner buffet, the sea house provides variety and simplicity.