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Deer Island

With great landscape for golfing and plenty of fishes for snorkeling, Deer Island is packed with activities for the family. Although, there is no deer, the island has a rich marine life that will encourage your children to learn about different species of fish. Go snorkeling in the various beaches of Deer Island, you will be amazed by the exotic underwater world. Observe the gorgeous view while playing a friendly game of golf, chose from over 15 different golf courses. If that’s not enough, take advantage of the exciting water sports that includes skiing or a ride in the glass bottom boats. End the day with lavish cuisine from one of the many restaurants on the island, pick the one that suits your taste bud. Don’t forget to take pictures, it will be one experience that deserves to be in the family photo album.

Crocodile Park & Giant Tortoise Park and Nature Reserve

From fierce crocodiles to large tortoise, the Crocodile Park & Giant Tortoises Park gives you a once in a life time opportunity to pet these exotic reptiles. The beautiful setting includes fresh water springs, palm trees and bamboo trees. Not just tortoise and crocodiles but the park also includes monkeys, bats, mongoose, iguanas, goats and pigs. Time to stop grossing out and complaining about insects; instead embrace their unique shapes in the insectarium where multiple insects are displayed. Satisfy your taste buds with a meal at the Hungry Crocodile Restaurant. Choose from the Basic Menu and Vegetarian Menu. But if you are brave enough try the Crocodile Menu that includes the Hungry Crocodile Salad. You and your kids are in for a great adventure. The perfect place for kids and adults, the Crocodile Park & Giant Tortoises Park is a great way to bond.

Massages and Spa

After a thrilling day of adventure, rest your muscles with massages choosing from the many sensational Spa treatments found in spa houses through out the Islands. The treatments are aimed to calm your nerves and cleanse your mind. Most facilities use latest techniques, herbal species, along with the touch of the wise human hands to give you the best massages. Choose a wide variety of treatments such as the Tropical Body Treatment, Detoxifying Treatment, Chocolate Treatment, and the Full Body Beauty Ritual. Detoxifying Treatment includes a mud wrap, rosemary sea salt scrub, and a bath with oil. Fresh coconut milk and extract from Papaya and Guava leaves are used for the Tropical Body Treatment. The unique Chocolate Treatment involves scrubbing your back with a spongy chocolate wrap with warm cocoa oil in order to give you smooth skin. A five hour body treatment, the Full Body Beauty Ritual includes an ice cold water mask, face treatment, manicure, pedicure, and geranium aroma massages. Surf through Mauritius Attractions to find the package your body needs.