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A town resembling a fairy tale setting, Chefchaouen is the place you and the kids will fall in love with. Originally built as a fortress in 1471 to combat the Portuguese, it is now a popular tourist destination. The surreal town is strategically built in the Rif Mountains. The walls of Chefchaouen are covered in blue creating an atmosphere of serenity. Shops are packed with merchandise, pick the one you want to remember Chefchaouen with. There are also several restaurants with delightful food and reasonable prices. Hiking up the Rif Mountains to find an entrance to a town with blue walls seems like a dream, except its real. When in town, stop by the Chefchaouen museum that has a panoramic view. At the top of the museum visitors can watch the villagers carry out their jobs as the tourists wonder around in amazement. Grab one of your French, Arabic or Spanish friends since the displays of the museum are only in those languages. But, that shouldn’t stop you from the once in a life time stunning view of the enchanted blue town.

Medina of Fes

No need for a time machine, the medieval city of Fes is only a plane ride away. Termed “Athens of the West”, Fes is the historical city that has been around for centuries to witness the bravest of rulers. Remarkably, the city remains car free with the main transportation being donkeys and mules. Medina of Fes el Bali is the oldest part of Fes and it is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. From the narrow streets, the sounds shop owners and braying donkeys to the enticing smells of Moroccan street food, the atmosphere of Fes el Bali will give you the impression that you are in another century. Because Fes was once the capital of Morocco, the madrasas, mosques, and palaces date back to the 13th and 14th century, and are a must for the architectural inquisitor. The intricate maze formed by the stunning buildings will astonish you and may even leave you a bit confused; so be sure to grab yourself a tour guide. The unfamiliar twists and turns give you more reasons to take a donkey ride to Medina of Fes. Get a feel of medieval times with the authentic city that will charm you.