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The aroma of the delicious Moroccan dishes is already a tease, but the taste will put you in a whole another world. One of the mouthwatering national dishes of Morocco is couscous – granules of wheat served over meat or vegetable of your choice. Tasty Moroccan Lamb Tangine is a stew slowly cooked with a special tool called tangine that makes the meat tender. Mixed with sweet and sour ingredients, Chicken Tangine includes honey, mint and onions. Change it up a little with the spicy street salmon covered in tomato paste, chilli, salt, and cumin sizzled up for a crispy bite. Sip yummy soup known as ghoulal, a spicy broth garnished with snails; just pluch the snail from the shell with a toothpick. An incredibly healthy snack, the soup is great for fever and digestion. You sat on them while camel trekking now it’s time to relish that stuffed camel meat. Vegetarian? No worries, try Aubergine fritters – Aubergine with paprika batter fried for a crunchy taste, these can be found almost anywhere in Morocco. End your meal with the famous dessert of Morocco, briwat, deep fried pastry triangles with almonds. With all the scrumptious dishes of Morocco, savor as much food as your stomach can hold.

Al Fassia Gueliz Restaurant

Experience traditional Moroccan cuisine at one of the best restaurants in Marrakesh, Al Fassia Gueliz. Who run the world? Girls, the restaurant is run and served by women. The inexpensive menu is filled with savory meals such as lamb tagine and savory brochettes served with rice on the side. For dessert try the traditional Moroccan Pigeon Pastilla. To get a taste of traditional cuisine of Morocco, this restaurant is the perfect place to start.

Azar Restaurant

One of the lavish upscale restaurants of Morocco has to be Azar located in Marrakech. Decorated with royal red carpets and red roses, the restaurant has leather comfy couches putting the F in fine dining. Candles are placed at each table while decorative lamps hang from the ceiling. The cuisine is a mix of Moroccan and Lebanese meals. Appetizers include crunchy pawns, pastilla with chicken roasted almond, and plenty more tasty treats. The main meal consists of beef, lamb, calamari, fish and poultry. Try the beef filet with potatoes or the lamb tagine with apricots, honey and almond. If you are looking for a luxurious place to dine, Azar restaurant should be your number one choice.


Classy and comfy, Dinarjat is an Arab-Andalusian style restaurant located in Rabat. The restaurant has some of the best Moroccan food using authentic ingredients. The salads are prepared with the freshest ingredients made to be delicious and light. Appetizers include skewers marinated with rice with almond and raisins. Main course meals include almond chicken and onions. Or try the lamb tagine sweetened with raisin. With all the delicious meals along with the cozy atmosphere, Dinarjat is perfect for the whole family.