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Hassan II Mosque

Pour your heart out to the As-Salam at the world’s fifth largest mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. The magnificent Hassan II Mosque stands 698 ft facing the Atlantic Ocean. Recognized as having the world’s largest minaret, the mosque accommodates a total of 105,000 worshippers. It was uniquely designed by the talented French architect Michel Pinseau and built by Bouygues in 1993. The isolated minaret separated from the rest of the buildings is a symbol of God’s oneness. The marvellous chandelier droops down providing a beacon of light for the women’s floor. One part of the mosque includes a sparkling glass floor that overlooks the seabed. In essence, you would be bowing down to look at the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Alas, this is not open to visitors, only for royals. Pointing to the direction of God, lasers glow from the minaret towards Mecca during the night. If that didn’t impress you, then the architectural nod to the environment should – the mosque was built with electronic doors and heated floors in order to prevent damages from earth quakes. The architecture of the mosque is in Moorish style with horseshoe arches and carved intricate patterns. When in Morocco escape the medieval scene to witness the lavish Hassan Mosque. It just might be the highlight of your trip.