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Camel Trekking/ Sahara Desert

The world looks better 6 foot off the ground! You can’t leave Morocco without riding on the original public transportation, Camels. Venture into the Sahara desert to experience a ride from the animal known as man’s best friend long before dogs became common pets. Traveling to the Sahara desert might be on your wish list, cross it off as you pack lightly for the risky trip that can take up to three days. The barren desert revolves around burning temperatures as the sun rises to teeth chattering temperatures at sundown. The bone dry Sahara desert can be reached from different parts of Morocco. Erg Chebbi is known for its grand dunes. Hours after camel trekking there will be an oasis with delicious meat and fresh water. Through your journey you will be vicariously living the life of a nomadic Arab. Surrounded by mountains of sand you will find yourself in awe by the wonders of the Sahara desert.

Atlas Mountains

Less talking and more climbing, the striking view from the Atlas mountain range will leave a lasting impression on you. The Atlas Mountains are approximately 1,600 miles across stretching from Morocco to Tunisia. Luckily, the highest peak can be reached in Toubkal, Morocco. If you felt short all your life, this is your chance to stand tall at the peak of Atlas while grinning at the world beneath you. There are plenty to explore in the Atlas Mountains like visiting the dashing mountain village of Imlil. Spend a night in one of the hotels while tasting the savory dishes from the Moroccan restaurants. Buy as much souvenirs as you like from carpets, jewelry and even fossils. Stop by the walled town of Taroudant at the south of the Atlas Mountains. More like heaven, Taroudant is surrounded by huge fields of grass and orchards. The melted snow from the mountains is the gardener of this green sight. Taking a hike up the Atlas Mountain might take a lot of energy but the view is well worth the effort.