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New York City

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom that comes with fulfilling the American Dream. There are several ways to catch a glimpse of this remarkable woman. One of them is from the Staten Island Ferry that runs in the New York Harbor carrying passengers from Manhattan to Staten Island. From the ferry visitors can get a great shot of Lady Liberty at any time of the day as the ferry runs 24/7 at no cost. You can also take the traditional route by visiting Liberty Island where the statue is located. The best way to make this trip efficient is by making reservations prior to the visit. Tourists can visit the ground or book the tickets for the crown as well. Luckily your ticket gives access to Ellis Island and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum where millions of immigrants are listed. From important documents to famous poems, this National Monument never fails to catch the eye, don’t miss it!

Top of the Rock

An extraordinary view of Gotham City can be captured at the 70th floor of Top of the Rock observation deck. Located in midtown Manhattan the 30 Rockefeller Center is the home to NBC Television headquarters. From the observation deck visitors can peek the phenomenal empire states building, shiny freedom tower, and just about every building the sun touches till the horizon. The 360 degrees view means you can soak in every angle of the Big Apple. On the second floor a professional photographer awaits to get a group picture with a black and white background on Manhattan that you can purchase. High above on the 14th tallest building in New York, take a picture with the dream city in the back. Frame it on your wall and reminisce the memories as you walk pass.

Coney Island

A day of family fun, Coney Island is filled with thrilling attractions like rollercoasters, beaches, and even an aquarium! From kitty rides to rides that will knock your socks off, Luna Park has tons of rides appealing to your thrilometer. Sit through the Haunted House and let it give you goosebumps or get shot in the air with the Sling Shot ride. The Coney Island Raceway is another famous ride that have people waiting on lines. Scratch off Cyclone from your list, one of the oldest rollercoasters in the world, functioning since 1927. Calm your nerves by heading over to the aquarium to watch the sharks, rays, and turtles as they swim around. But, come back out in time for the sunset. Take a stroll in the beach right across the boardwalk from the Aquarium. There’s so many activities in Coney Island, plan wisely, time flies!