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New York City

Talk of the Town

If you’re looking for a quiet evening with scrumptious food, try Talk of the Town located in Jackson Heights. Halal certified, the restaurant serves Chinese and Indian cuisine. The dimmed lights create a peaceful atmosphere while the waiters quickly serve the dishes. Famously known for their chicken lollipops, Talk of the Town have customers that come back just for those red fiery wings. The shrimp biriyani and the lamb sizzler is a great combo and it comes in great portions as well. Don’t forget to taste some Chinese dishes like the Hong Kong noodles. Cool your mouth with some sweet mango, strawberry, or lychee lassi. If you enjoy Indian and Chinese food this restaurant is a must!

Max Brenner

Take a shot…of chocolate! Max Brenner or the chocolate wonderland as it is commonly known gives customers just the right kind of sugar rush. Although, the restaurant is not halal friendly, there are equally delicious meat free dishes. Customers can stick to salads like Quinoa and Chickpea Salad or fish dishes like sesame salmon. Max Brenner even has special chocolaty dishes like the chocolate pizza. But don’t eat too much, leave plenty of room for dessert! Choose from the many dessert options like the chocolate fondue, sugar waffles, and choctails! Enjoy the heavenly sweets with your significant other.

Turkish Kitchen

Located on the Murray Hill section of Manhattan, this upscale halal certified restaurant has traditional Turkish food. Appetizers include falafel, beef dumplings, pan-fried zucchini pancakes and more. Some of the main dishes are Pirzola which is grilled baby lambs chops served with traditional rice, Tilapia Bugulama which is a fish filet tilapia that comes with casserole. Even if you are not Turkish this restaurant is a great way to try some halal Turkish food.

The Halal Guys

Famous among Muslims and Non-Muslims, this popular halal street food have New Yorkers waiting on lines that extend to the end of the block. Customers can choose between lamb or chicken over rice served with salad and Nan on the side. Or the gyro which is lamb or chicken wrapped with Nun resembling a burrito. Their delicious recipe of white sauce and hot sauce are one of a kind. When in New York stop by the Halal Guys cart located in Midtown on 53th and 6th avenue or try the restaurant located on 14th street.