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A taste of the many scrumptious dishes of Spain will leave you begging for the recipe. The joy of Spanish Tapas Lets the foodie experience a small amount of lots of dishes, just order more of the ones you like through out your meal. One of the more famous Spanish dishes is Tortilla Espanola, an omelet with egg, potatoes and onions. It is served as an appetizer in many cafes and restaurants; it is even served as dinner in many Spanish households. Once in Spain you may catch people drinking a red thick beverage, keep calm they are not drinking ketchup. Gazpacho is a cold refreshing soup blended with tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, pepper, garlic and onions; it is drank during the hot summer days. You cannot leave Spain without trying Patatas bravas which is chunks of potatoes rolled in tomatoes sauce. Pisto also known as the Spanish ratatouille is a side dish of peppers, onions, garlic, zucchini, and tomato. With regards to halal food there is a halal restaurant in Granada called Arrayanes that serves Moroccan food. As a matter fact, there are several restaurants in Granada that serve Indian, Thai, Egyptian, and Pakistani food, navigate through the Zabihah website for a complete list. For a light lunch stop by at Pizza Corner Halal in Andalucia for a quick slice of yummy Italian pizza. Spain’s rich culture is portrayed through its traditional dishes. Don’t forget to be cautious and eat halal!

Los Almendros

A halal certified restaurant that offers traditional food from Cordoba, Los Almendros is a must visit restaurant for your visit to Spain. Although you need a car to get there, it is worth the drive up the hills from the city or from the ruins of Medina Azahara. Try the Pastela de Pollo y Verduras – Chicken Pastela and vegetables. This restaurant is highly recommended for those who want to cover the different tastes and expectations of a family or group of friends.


One of the most authentic Moroccan restaurants in Valencia, the beautiful Moroccan furnishings and background music sets the ambience for a perfect meal. Take advantage of the moderately priced food, and order a mixture of starters, main and dessert to share amongst your group. The scarab -sherbet drinks – are the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Menus are in English for non-Spanish speakers, and most of the wait staff speak Arabic.