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The Mezquita de Granada is the first purpose-built mosque in Granada in the last 500 years, and even then it has not been without its opposition. This picturesque mosque sits on top of one of Granada’s highest hills, and from its walls visitors can look across to the Alhambra. The mosque beautifully incorporates Spanish architecture and colours that sit alongside colourful geometric tiles on walls and ground alike. Although a small mosque, it carries with it a big responsibility of winning over locals; many of whom remain opposed its building. The mosque administration has worked valiantly to be a welcoming space to worshipers and visitors alike, and both the grounds and the prayer space are open to all. The mosque has been adorned with simple yet elegant design and the gardens are a sight to behold, tranquil, calm and simply beautiful. The bright orange tiles adorning the roof of the mosque blend with the surrounding buildings and demonstrate Islam’s acceptance of the cultural beauty of its followers. Inside the grounds listen to the gentle sounds of water flowing in the 8 pointed fountain while you sit amongst the green gardens. Join the congregational prayers in this historical mosque that celebrates both Islam and Spain.