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La Sagra Mountain and alqueria de Rosales

If you’re feeling adventurous then tackle the la Sagra mountain. Ranked among the 10 most spectacular ascents throughout the country, there are few options to learn, promote or climb this imposing mountain, some very accessible, since we can use marked trails and traditionally used by shepherds, loggers; and others only available to the most qualified and experienced climbers and mountaineers. Though isolated, the Sagra mountain is considered to be the most spectacular of all peninsula mountains. It is the second highest peak in Andalucia, and is most beautiful in winter with the presence of snow.

Get in touch with the environmental treasures of the mountain, gazing upon notable specimens of national flora and fauna, as well as notable endemic species such as Crepis Granatensis or Saxifraga Rigoi Freyn, which will delight the Botany fans and lovers of the environment in general. The Northern slope of la Sagra is thick with abundant pine forests, holm oaks and junipers. It is also home to the Sequoias trees, that can require 6 or 7 people to encircle its trunk.

The Sierra de la Sagra is also refuge of remarkable species of the Iberian fauna as the griffon vulture or Bonelli’s eagle and the environment is an unique place to enjoy the braying in the times of zeal of deer and mountain goats. For visitors that prefer our smaller friends, the mountain has been declared a place of interest by the Conservation of invertebrates due to the species of butterflies and beetles that take up residence there.

Be sure to take time to stop at the alqueria de Rosales; a beautiful retreat centre built almost 20 years ago that offers a calm haven of reflection and respite amongst unspoilt natural surroundings. the focal point of the Alqueria is undoubtedly the Andalucian style mosque. Coloured woven rugs are spread out on the cool tiled floor, and the walls rise up to meet the ceiling in pure white simplicity. A trip to La Sagra and Alqueria de Rosales is a must for any traveler to Spain.