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Ko Samui Nurun EIA San Mosque

Located in Koh Samui’s Muslim Village is the island’s only mosque. Home to fisherman and a thriving Malay Muslim community, the mosque is beautiful and is often visited by tourists who come to complete their Friday prayers while staying on the island. Sermons however, are conducted in Thai.

Ban Ho Mosque

Surround yourself in a place of serenity by worshipping the Al-Malik in the Ban Ho Mosque.
Also known as Chiang Mai Mosque, it is located near the city’s popular Night Bazaar and considered one of the biggest mosques in the province. The mosque is one of several Chinese mosques in Chiang Mai, and the only one that have sermons in English. Another mosque that is popular amongst visitors to the city is Attaqwa Mosque which is located on the east side of the Ping River, and is also a Chinese mosque. The mosque is also home to the first Islamic school in Chiang Mai.