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Chaweng Beach

The longest and most popular beach on Koh Samui is Chaweng Beach. Lined with 5-star resorts, and restaurants, it is the perfect beach to spend your day. Beach goers can hire loungers, umbrella, jet skis and long tail boat from this beach, as well as get a massage at various cabanas. On the road adjacent to the beach you’ll find a food court, more restaurants, various massage parlours, and amazing stores to buy souvenirs and clothing.

Ko Samui

If the crazy parties, backpackers and packed beaches of Phuket is not something you’re looking for, head to the Thailand’s second biggest island, Samui. Perfect for a family vacation or a honeymoon destination, the island is accessible by both boat and airplane. It is home to beautiful beaches, amazing food and exceptional resorts that offers time to relax and rejuvenate. The island boast a thriving Malay Muslim community that speak a dialect of Malay.

Chiang Mai

If you don’t like the beach and prefer a relaxing breakaway in the mountains then head to northern Thailand’s mountainous city of Chiang Mai. A beautiful old city that still has its walls and moats, amazing historical temples, and some of the best spas in the country, Chiang Mai is a definite must-visit. Chiang Mai has a community of Thai Muslims with Chinese origin that practice Hui Muslim traditions from China.

Ko Lanta

One of the less famous islands in Thailand is Ko Lanta. With incredible scuba diving, pristine beaches, and private resorts, the island is still a hidden gem that most tourists have never set foot on. One of the most incredible aspects of Ko Lanta is that it has an 80 per cent Muslim population making it the largest ethnical group on the island, and a great place for Muslim travellers to visit.