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Day 4 Already? Time flies when you’re having fun! This is Soha and let me give you the lowdown on China Town!

After gobbling down our scrumptious food, we went straight for feeding the fish – our 4th activity. We then went swimming (can you tell yet that we LOVE water?) Excitedly, we jumped into the swimming pool, causing massive waves to hurl at the unexpected people. My brother was so overjoyed at the jumping experience he demanded to redo it over and over. We then went for a Zumba lesson in the pool which was beyond cool! Dancing in the pool is something I never thought I’d be doing! We jumped into the air, squatted in the pool, waved our arms about wildly and shook our hips from side to side.

Laughing, we danced until our arms ached and finally the activity ended.

We had another activity called the Kitchen tour. We had our own chef’s hat, apron and gloves and became part of the hotel’s kitchen!

We made Malaysian spring rolls and they turned out pretty good. First you spread soya sauce on a tortilla wrap, then you sprinkle bashed peanuts on it. Next you put lettuce in a line so you’ll be able to fold it, then bean sprouts and shredded fried egg, grated cooked cabbage and last but not least chicken fluff. Finally you wrap it and eat it. Delish!

Then we travelled to KLCC and to a place called China Town – I’m going to blog about this separately later. This has lots of interesting things to buy including handbags, watches and shades (mum bought two – an emerald green pair and a black one). We worked enough of an appetite to go to Nandos. We ordered a family jumbo platter of spicy roast chicken with golden chips and the best wild herb sauce ever. My parents ordered bottomless Cokes and spent every second of every minute refilling their tall glasses.

This was followed by a visit to Japanese bookshop called Kunokuniya where we spent a good hour. We went to a place called Tapak, which was a huge place littered with food vans and large filled tables.

There were lots of food trucks and tables where we had juicy spaghetti, macaroni cheese, shared some crispy churros with chocolate sauce.

Then we went to a truck and bought a chocolate milkshake for us both, chocolate milkshake for my brother and sister, coconut shake for mum and orange juice for dad.

My mum ordered this rice called Nasi Goring. My baby sister was feeling tired so we then travelled home. Another fun (and filling) day!