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Maryam here and today I woke up a little tired - yawn! It was our last day in Kuala Lumpur and had to get up early for our flight to Thailand. We had a hasty breakfast - I just about nibbled a few chocolate croissants wearily. Breezing through security and check-in, we then waited a couple of hours for the flight at boarding. Me, my Mum and sister trekked down the long corridor in search of some good shops but returned defeated. Palm-fitting distractions kept us going as we sat down and read or messed around on our phones for a bit.

The journey was actually a very good flight. I didn’t go on any technology and fell asleep for most of the way. I woke up, fresh and awake and enjoyed the breath-taking view. The white, wispy clouds glided rapidly in and out of the blue sky and the sun shone brightly, illuminating the vast ocean and numerous lakes.

When we landed in Krabi, the first thing I noticed was the weather. The sky was azure and cloudless and the heat glared down, though there was a pleasant breeze sweeping through the village. The mountains bordered the town, huge and green whilst jade hedges surrounded the roads. We took a taxi to our hotel: the Holiday Inn Resort. It was a good hour’s drive, but the driver was friendly and entertained us with his interesting life story. He had won the lottery, bought a couple of houses and took in his friend’s kids. Wow!

The hotel was large and very open so when we got inside we were very cool and there was a powerful air con. The room was clearly very kid-friendly with toy monkeys on the bed and a Disney theme and a white curtain instead of a door to the bathroom.

For lunch, we ate at a Pakistani restaurant. We had boiled rice, lamb curry, aloo naan, chicken biryani and the best raita (yoghurt) I have ever tasted. The vegetables were tiny and chopped finely and even the yogurt was mixed with Indian spices and was amazing. After our delicious meal, we walked along the beach, ruining our clothes with sand and salty sea water. A quick ‘stroll’ along the beach switched to an aggressive charge at the sea and swimming.

We dried off quickly in the hot weather and walked on the street, observing the markets. Despite the fact, we were on holiday, our parents decided we had to eat healthy – worst luck ever. I had a cool lemon fruit juice: very cold and refreshing. We looked in a few more shops and I bought a black shark t-shirt.

Tired and desperate for sleep, we went back to the hotel ready to crash for the night. No such luck as we couldn’t sleep straight away and my brother piped up that he was hungry. All of a sudden we were in a pizza place and ordered a vegetarian pizza and a margherita one too. Dad had a fried oreo ice cream and we kids had oreo milkshakes after. The fried ice cream was a delight to watch in itself and deserves its own post.

Another great day with a beautiful beach and fab food.

Time for bed, goodnight!