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Yawn! What a comfortable bed!! Says me - a very sleepy Soha! After a GREAT night’s sleep, it was down to Holiday Inn’s scrumptious breakfast. Soft fluffy pancakes drizzled with hot Nutella hit the spot perfectly for me (Soha) but there was also a feast of fried eggs, bread, croissants, cereal, sausages and more.

We went swimming and the kid’s pool was by far the best. It had four slides. The green one was the longest and fastest, plunging you into deep underwater. The purple one was the second biggest but rubbish: slow and when you reached the bottom it was extremely shallow. There was an orange one – a baby slide but it was fun and very wide. I loved having my baby sister on my lap and whizzing down the slide into the cold water. There was a tiny baby giraffe one and i didn’t bother with it so my favourites were the green and orange.

For lunch, we went to Burger King in a special kind of car called a Tuk Tuk. It was tiny and completely open. It was like a motorbike with a few seats. We squashed up cosily as it went so fast, it’d probably give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money. We all clung to each other (for dear life), the cool air blowing in our faces like a super-powered hair dryer in reverse. Yes, it was awesome and fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

We hopped into Burger King and I had a spicy chicken burger and chips, although my sister stole most of them. (Note to self: when eating food, choose the seat farthest away from my baby sister or you’ll mysteriously lose your food).

We visited a spa where both us alongside our Mum got nail manicures. They filed our nails, applied nail remover and carefully put on nail varnish. They laughed at my bitten nails but made them look really nice – silver and glittery. Maryam got a dark purple on her long nails and Mum chose a bold red on her pointy fingers. My Dad got a foot and neck massage and Yusuf and Haniya played on the phone.

We checked out some more shops and swam some more and all had hot showers. Dry and hungry, we went out to a restaurant called Punjab Palace. I expect, dear reader, you are very tired of hearing we are mostly eating Pakistani food but don’t disagree with delicious food and a hungry stomach.

Walking through the Ao Nang’s night market was magical. I admired the jewellery and inhaled the wonderful mixed food aromas. Unsuprisingly, my Dad was craving ice cream (again), so we checked out this awesome dessert place. He, my brother and sister and this amazing fried ice cream – it was still cold but they somehow fried it on the pan and served it in soft oreo rolls. I had a delicious nutella pancake, it melted in my mouth as soon as i took a bite.

We walked back and entered the deep trance of unconsciousness, melting into the soft cosiness of our bedzzzzzzzzzz!