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Good morning from a sleepy Soha. When I awoke from slumberland, it was still raining, with bullets of water pelting against the window.

For breakfast I had those amazing fluffy pancakes again along with some pineapple. We checked out the hotel kids club which had a soft play area, kids books, games, lego and a small TV. The teens section included a pool table, some more advanced books and another TV. My Dad taught me how to play snooker (he’s actually pretty good) for a bit and I was really enjoying this new sport. Then I read for a bit and we all got hungry.

We took a Tuk Tuk to Burger King and I had another yummy burger with chips. After that, we took a warm stroll down the shops to burn calories and my Dad bought two umbrella t-shirts. Umbrellas? Really? Due to my baby sister’s demands, we also bought her a little bucket and spade to amuse herself on the beach.

Walking all the way back to Holiday Inn, me and my siblings were really excited about swimming. The rain had actually stopped and we hurriedly changed into our swimwear and dived into the pool. Unfortunately, the rain started again, icily pounding down on our heads and we were forced to come out. We dried off on the deckchairs, watching the cold rain hurl down like raging thunderbolts. I could even hear thunder echoing through the village. When the rain slowed down, we all jumped in excitedly. The water was absolutely freezing but we did a lot of fitness exercises to warm us up. I whizzed down my favourite green slide, took videos of my baby sister shrieking down the orange one and floated on the cool water, enjoying the soft patter of rain on the smooth water.

We walked down to the hotel on the other side and had hot, nutella pancakes with oreo ice cream. They were the best combo ever- other than rice and chutney.

Another rainy day but also a great one. Hopefully tomorrow will be drier..