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Good mooorning from Maryam! Oh wait, I woke up and no such luck. The rain is as cold and as heavy as ever.

At least a hot breakfast helps, so the hotel is definitely making wet days tastier. We dumped our swimwear at a laundry place and went back to the kid’s club whilst my brother and Dad went to pray Jummah at Ao Nang Mosque.

He said the experience was very soothing, surrounded by beauty – natural and man made – alongside a good congregation that made him feel at home.

The Mosque was opposite Ao Nang Beach which ensured a cool sea breeze was through the air.

They even had a reminder about manners in the Mosque. This would be something worth putting up in all Mosques so children learn the etiquette and adults are reminded of it.

They were going to be gone for a couple of hours so my Mum took us girls to the kids club. She played a game of snooker with me and sadly won but hey, I’d only been playing for one day and then practiced on my own for a bit. Tired of hitting a ball with a ball, I lounged on one of the red bean bags and flicked through some of the kid’s books. I was engrossed in some old favourites: Jeff Kinney books; Hansel and Gretel, a Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. Once the boys arrived, we decided to eat at the hotel for lunch as kids ate free and it was still raining. Baby sis had fish and chips, my brother had small chicken burgers and me and Mayam had a plate of spaghetti bolognese. Kids also got free drinks so i sipped on a yummy hot chocolate.

The rain FINALLY cleared up so we went out in search of dessert. We had Nutella pancakes again with oreo ice cream.

We went back to the kids club and the staff organized a game of treasure hunt. I thought it was babyish and easy though I was rubbish at it, until the end. We had to find a small box in a sea of plastic balls. All the other kids dived in eagerly and I cautiously stuck my hand in at the end. I wasn’t even trying but my fingers found hard, smooth material and soft ribbon and when I pulled it out, it was the box. My prize was strawberry lollipops, sweets and a bag of chips. I gave the sweet stuff to my siblings and planned to eat the chips later. The staff put on a film for the kids to watch and I enjoyed Ratatouille which I hadn’t seen in ages. I thought this was a perfect time to eat my chips but my Baby Sis had the same idea and – too late!

For dinner we went to the night market and devoured chicken samoas, spinach spring rolls, fried rice and chicken and some chicken satays. We went to Burger King because my brother was desperate for some chicken nuggets, then to an awesome ice cream place with the best Oreo ice cream in the history of ice creams!

There was a sign that said pregnant women could eat free so my Dad joked that we should pretend Mum was pregnant. Lol.

Despite an indoor day, it was good.

And with that…GOODNIGHT!