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Ever seen a beautiful hotel and hoped, no - wished even - that you could be there? Well sometimes wishes come true..

We flew back to KL and arrived at The Mandarin Oriental. This hotel was amazing and there were chandeliers dangling from the lobby. It was so fancy, that we even felt we had to dress up just for breakfast. Well actually, Mum insisted!

The breakfast was amazing and there was a huge variety of different food. Everything was divided into numerous categories: English, Italian, Chinese, Arabic etc. croissants and pancakes, juices and fruit, noodles and eggs – all of this was all on offer and we were spoilt for choice. We even ordered creamy hot chocolate!!!

The hotel rooms themselves were fabulous, with wide double beds and a gleaming mahogany bathroom. Best of all, the TV was good and entertained my siblings with Disney films and shows, and to top it off KLCC was right next to the hotel, mere steps away!

On the first day, we went to Tapak. Remember- the circle of vans. We bought churros again, milkshakes and some small boxes of spaghetti.

We then went to the KLCC cinema to watch Hobbs and Shaw. It was fantastic and very funny, reminding me of me and my sister. We kept my younger entertained with a phone and we got ice cream afterwards.

We saw the beautiful dancing fountain too outside in KLCC, so funky!

The Mandarin Oriental hotel here is breathtaking, I feel like a princess in a castle. Time for my beauty sleep.

Signing off, Princess Maryam