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Everything good must come to an end. Bother!

Everything good must come to an end. Bother!

Maryam here and I write this with a tinge of sadness. Today was our last day of our trip. Breakfast was extraordinary and we filled up on all that we could. Later, we went to Chillies for lunch. The dessert was the best and we ordered 3 to share: chocolate molten lava cake, chocolate chip cookie dough and a peanut butter stack. Hello to the sweet tooth!

The last day was a bit… annoying. I had a phone ban because, apparently, I was being mean to my sister (totally wasn’t). We went for a last stroll around KLCC park. Watching the fountains, we soaked in the beautiful heat that is always missing in the cold climate of England.

It was getting late so we headed back to the hotel and to the pool floor. It was an infinity pool, overlook the picturesque landscape. Snooker tables and food were offered so we played – (I am getting better) – and ordered chips and margherita pizza. We stayed until 10pm which is when we had to leave for our flights. Can I just say a 2am flight should not be allowed, especially at the end of a holiday!

The car journey to the airport was the worst I’ve ever had. Me and my younger sat in the backt and I entertained her. When we’d just reached the airport, she vomited over me, herself and her teddy.

Disgusted, revolted and wet, I climbed out of the car – glaring at my father’s stifled laughter. Once in the line for check-in, Mum looked in her hand luggage for any spare clothes.

It was a yellow dress. Could this get any worse?

OK I admit it, I am not a dress person. I very, very, very rarely wear dresses and always wear jeans. So, you can imagine my face as I stumbled in the line, wearing a bright yellow flowered dress, that was at least a size too big for me. My Dad laughed so hard and I plotted revenge but this swiftly ended when he bought us chocolate muffins because well, chocolate can solve many problems. Haven’t you heard the saying that revenge is a dish best avoided if there’s chocolate?

Sympathy overcame Mum so she dug in a suitcase, gave me some spare clothes and I changed happily into some jeans and a familiar top.

Check in was ridiculous. Something wasn’t working so they were using hand-written tags on our luggage and the queue was going so slowly. It was already half eleven.

My younger sister was getting tired so we rented a small pram and my brother was asking non-stop questions, that were so irrelevant that I was beginning to wonder about his future LOL.

Departures and security were slow and finally we were on the plane. I was barely keeping my eyes open but it is impossible for me to sleep sitting up. The flight was long, exhausting and just cruel. I sat slumped in my seat, my red-eyes seriously deprived of sleep.

We reached England and there was a major problem: our luggage had not arrived yet. We made phone calls and it was left in Kuala Lumpur.

How could we manage without toiletries and our possessions? How would we manage? How would we survive?

My auntie, cousin and grandad were coming to greet us along with the swift icy breeze of Birmingham.

As we arrived, we ate some yummy food and yes, although we had an amazing trip, it was nice to be home.

And with that, ends our KL blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter of Soha & Maryam’s Adventures and who knows where our travels will take us next? Keep an eye on Sociable Earth for our next trip, coming (hopefully) sooner than we think!