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Hello, Maryam here! After airport check in, the attendant confirming Mum and Dad hadn’t actually overpacked and a short wait, we were on the plane.

We flew on the red-eye with Emirates, leaving the UK at 9:40 p.m (Tuesday) to 9:30 a.m (Wednesday) via a connection. On both the flights there was enjoyable entertainment to watch, play games and discover interesting information about the journey, plane and what was behind it.

On the first flight I watched Avengers: End Game and half of an epic movie called Shazam. We were served rice and chicken, bread and butter, crackers and to wash it all down, some chocolate mousse. Despite the food and entertainment, it still took seven long hours.

On the second flight I watched the other half of Shazam, Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials and half of Ralph Breaks the Internet. We were served mayonnaise chicken with salad, bread, butter and some crunchy crackers. Unfortunately, it still took another seven hours!

After our last flight, a man took us in a buggy then a bus to the arrival hall and found our precious suitcases, who probably endured a more bumpy ride than we did. We then went in a 10-seater mini-van to our cosy hotel called the Shangri-La

For dinner, we were introduced to a nearby restaurant called BBQ Nights where the family tucked into a delicious meal of chicken, lamb chops, biryani rice and roti. We strolled back to our room and went to bed. After a long pair of flights, I definitely recommend this restaurant for its tasty food so I hope you enjoy it.

The journey’s over and now the adventure begins!

What a wonderful day!