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We’re going to Kuala Lumpur!

Hi! We’re Soha & Maryam. Soha is 12 and Maryam is 9 and this post is the first one about our adventures around the world.

As we go on holiday (because who doesn’t love a vacation?), we’ll be blogging about our travels and giving you the real-deal view on what it’s like from check-in to check it out so you won’t miss a single vital piece of information on the things that matter. Yes, we’re talking about the airport experience (because waiting around is a cruel waste of a tween’s time), the airline food and entertainment, hotel happiness (or how-to-improve-ness) as well as the location itself and its sights, sounds and fun stuff.

For now, we’re just about packed for our holiday and waiting for the grown ups to get there’s done so we can go to the airport – why do adults take so long putting things in and out of suitcases anyway? A good book, entertainment system, fashion accessories and clothes are all anyone needs in their essentials bag but sometimes grown-ups pack like they’re moving abroad. 

Overpacked anyone?

Why do grown ups always pack so much stuff?

Uh-oh! I hear Dad calling so I leave you with a glorious photo of our ready-to-rock bags waiting for our grab ‘n’ go action. See you at the airport!


Good to go!

Packed light, ready for the flight!