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Dive into Affordable Luxury at Holiday Villa, Langkawi

Looking for a pocket-friendly escape to Langkawi without breaking the bank? Say hello to Holiday Villa! Priced at an unbeatable £50-£55 a night, this hotel is the epitome of value for money. However, a word to the budget traveller: it can get bustling here, so be prepared for a lively atmosphere.

The villa overlooks their astounding pool and really shines at night

Let’s talk breakfast. At £10 a pop, it might seem like a steal, but don’t expect a culinary symphony. The food is satisfactory but lacks that ‘wow’ factor. Parents, take note: kids above 12 are billed as adults, so budget accordingly if you’re thinking of dining in.

The food is good, but lacks finesse and the extraordinary
Although some of it is very appetisingly presented

Accommodation is clean and functional, sticking to the basics. We nestled into two rooms, one housing a king bed and a rollaway, while the other offered twin beds and the same rollaway arrangement. While the rooms aren’t the star of the show, they offer a comfortable respite after a day of adventure. They were basic and functional, but nobody holidays in Langkawi to stay in their rooms all day.

The reception area and on-site facilities are colourful and when busy, very lively

Now, for the pièce de résistance: the infinity pool! A mesmerising jewel against the backdrop of the ocean, this pool is every bit Instagram-worthy as it is refreshing. We couldn’t resist but spend an entire day basking by its side, occasionally venturing to the adjoining beach. And if you get peckish, poolside dining is just a call away.

An infinity pool you want to spent eternity in

Location-wise, Holiday Villa is a traveller’s dream. Nestled near the lively Cenang Beach, your evenings are sorted with activities galore. The other hotel, Tanjhung Rhu is in the North, restricting guests there to food on-site or facing a trek to head into the busier areas where food and activities are readily on offer.

Holiday Villa’s location offers great scenic views day and night

Holiday Villa is strategically placed for comfort and the ease of enjoying what Langkawi has to offer without the fuss. You can simply hop onto a Grab – Langkawi’s answer to Uber – for a mere £1, and within 5 minutes, you’ll find yourself amidst the bustling main shopping hub. With an array of local eateries offering delightful dishes at around £1-£2 per person, culinary explorations are both appetizing and affordable.

Drown your worries away and escape in Holiday Villa’s infinity pool

If you’re seeking a balance between cost, convenience, and comfort, Holiday Villa, Langkawi is your go-to destination. With its prime location, captivating pool, and an array of dining options both on and off-site, it truly offers a slice of Langkawi without the hefty price tag.

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