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Exploring Cape Town as a Muslim Family

The stunning city of Cape Town boast a copious amount of natural beauty. From swimming with penguins at Boulders Beach to exploring the sea creatures of Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town has plenty to offer its visitors. When you get a chance, take a cable car up Table Mountain and relax on the pristine beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay.

shutterstock_230979814With a large Muslim population that dates back to before the continent was pilfered for the slave trade, Islam has survived over the centuries and is a dominant religion in the city today. The Muslim population has grown in standing, and its influence can be witnessed in the the cuisine, dress and culture of Cape Town.

Excited to finally spend some time with the family? Relax on the beautiful Atlantic Seaboard. Stick around, Cape Town is filled with awesome adventures for you and the kids!

Viewing Penguins at Boulders

Your kids may have seen penguins before, but never this close! With an amazing lookout deck that encloses a protected beach, Boulders Beach is the ideal place to take kids who are interested in experiencing wildlife. Located in Simon’s Town, the beach is home to hundreds of African Penguins that waddle around every day. If you have the time, there is also a small beach on the other side of the lookout deck where you can swim with these wild animals. But be careful not to approach them or scare them as they will run off into the bushes or swim away. Your youngsters will love this activity!

Exploring Bo-Kaap

Almost as equally important as fine dining, the culture of the city is evident in Bo-Kaap, a suburb on the slopes of Signal Hill. The colourful homes in this area are painted a myriad of different shades and hues, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Visit the Bo-Kaap Museum before ravishing a delicious Cape Malay halal meal at Bo-Kaap Kombuis or Biesmiellah Restaurant.

If you really love the rich curries and other South African dishes, enquire about a cooking class that you can enjoy as a family.

Heading Up Table Mountain

To get the best view of Cape Town make your way up Table Mountain on a cable car. Arrive early to reserve your place in the queue and make sure to bring a warm jacket. The wait will be worth it as you head onto the rotating cable car and get a 360 degree view of the city.

Table Mountain was recently named one of 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and by its shape and magnitude compared to the city below, it truly is a wonder. Those who make it to the top of this mountain will have an opportunity to experience Cape Town in a whole different way. You’ll be able to see Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, the CBD (central business district) and the Atlantic Seaboard. You can enjoy a meal at the deli located at the top of the mountain or take your own picnic basket and enjoy the sunset from the top.

Cape Town caters for Muslim traveler with prayer rooms in all the local malls, and most bathrooms are wudhu friendly. The majority of restaurants are halal, and even the Hilton Cape Town caters specifically to Muslim travelers. There is also a lot of history to be learnt at various museums including the Bo-Kaap Museum and District Six Museum, as well as plenty of locals that are proud of their faith and will take you to their local mosque.

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