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Tokyo Camii (Mosque)

Renew your faith by worshipping the Al-Mighty in the Tokyo Camii Mosque. One of the most gorgeous mosques you will ever see, Tokyo Camii, and the adjoining Islamic school was built in 1938 by Tatar immigrants. The school now serves as the Turkish Cultural Centre. Tokyo Camii is the biggest mosque in Japan serving 1,200 worshippers. Interestingly, the architecture of the mosque stands out from the rest of Tokyo buildings due to the Islamic domes and minarets. The interior of the mosque is decorated with red and white arches similar to the Blue Mosque of Istanbul. A dazzling chandelier is situated in the center of the mosque, within the dome. Stained glass windows decorate the walls in dazzling colours and bathe the mosque in sunlight. Arabic calligraphy adorns the walls lending gravitas and tranquility to this beautiful space. The stairs to the minbar are covered in blue carpet while the two sides are white with flower patterns inscribed. One step inside the masjid will have you believing that you are in one of gorgeous mosques of all time. This impressive mosque is a gem in the thousands of buildings of Tokyo. Feed your soul with spirituality and get lost in the beauty of Tokyo Camii.