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Modest Swimsuits

Modest Swimsuits

That’s right no more hiding indoors, now you can dive into the water like everyone else. It’s not a trick or an oxymoron. Modest swimsuits are popping up in markets across the Atlantic. Burkinis are full length body suits revealing only hands and face. The suit even comes with a hood for hijab purposes. It is light, making it easy to swim, as the cloth is most commonly a mixture of lycra and nylon.There are several places that sell burkinis, some even in your own backyard!


Designed by the genius, Aheda Zanetti, is the official website directly connected to Zanetti’s designs. From this site, you can use US, Britain or South African currency to purchase. Burkinis are also sold by popular online sites like eBay and Amazon. UK based sites like Modestly Active and Modestski are advertising and selling burkinis suitable for your size. is a United States based website selling burkinis for those in America. Swimwear companies in Australia are sharing the burkini profits as well. Find the website that has the best delivery charges for your country and begin enjoying the water, wherever you are.

Health Benefits

We all love the sun, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Exposed to the sun’s rays for too long causes skin cancer. Many non-Muslims have adapted to burkinis in order to avoid health issues. When covered from the sun, you don’t need to worry about sunblock either. The soft material of the burqkni will enable you to swim all day long without being weighed down. Muslim or non-Muslim, burkinis are recommended for the wellbeing of your body. Make a healthy choice, choose the burkini.

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