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Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

Welcome to an oasis of elegance and serenity.

Tanjung Rhu is welcoming to the extent that you never want to leave!

Nestled amidst the idyllic landscapes of Langkawi lies the Tanjung Rhu, a resort that epitomizes sophistication and grace. From our arrival to departure, every moment at the Tanjung Rhu was infused with an ambience of tranquillity and refinement.

Tall trees, water and beautiful views await you at Tanjung Rhu

Despite its understated reception area, smaller in comparison to some of Langkawi’s grander hotels, the calm aura immediately set a tone of intimate luxury. Our three-night stay was exemplary and while the reception area is small, especially when compared to other hotels in Langkawi, it was quiet and exuded peace. After a short wait, we were in our room which was a few seconds away from main reception.

The views from the resort are simply breathtaking

We stayed in the Cahaya Suite which featured wooden floors, a king bed, a separate lounge with a TV, private balcony, and an attached bathroom with shower facilities. The room also offered a relaxing view of the resort’s gardens. We had requested a sea-facing room but these were fully booked at the time.

The pool and beach were excellent and with the hotel located in North Langkawi, in a secluded area next to the Four Seasons hotel, it provided a quiet getaway that was welcome and refreshing. The pool opens at 10am and the sun rises from behind the mountains, which means it sets right in front of the resort. Prepare for a gorgeous view if you time it just right.

Sunrise or sunset? You’ll be spoilt got choice!

There were a few families staying there but it never felt overcrowded, unlike the Berjaya or Holiday Villa. The atmosphere was full of serenity and it felt like a place of solitude, where one could truly switch off from the world. Staff were always attentive to guests and everyone was made to feel welcome. Aside from the stay itself, there are local activities available including fishing trips, eagle-feeding sessions, mangrove tours, and watersports.

Activities are signposted so you can wander off and try something new

The Café Reading Room is a quiet space, overlooking the sea, where you can have a cup of tea or coffee, alongside hot scones, pastries, and savouries. They also have a vast collection of books and magazines available (hence the name) and are open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Whether you want to read, write or simply relax, the Reading Room is a break within a break
It’s difficult to find the best view when surrounded by so much beauty

Food was readily available and the resort’s Sands Restaurant, where breakfast is served, is also an all-dining option, open from 7am to 11pm. This restaurant serves both Asian and International cuisines, with a spectacular view of the beach. It was also good with options for some kids (you know who you are) who weren’t keen on Malaysian cuisine, including fish and chips, burgers, noodles and pizza. There wasn’t a large variety on offer but for a 3-day stay, we could sample most of the dishes. They were priced at £7 to £8 per dish which was on the high side and similar to the UK, but tasted fine. Breakfast included omelettes, pancakes and a few other sundries. There was a barbecue on Saturday evening which included some delicious lamb chops and chicken, with all offerings available for a one-off price of £20 per person, which is high but provided good value for money with what was on offer.

Food is served in generous portions and is reasonably priced

An aspect worth praising is the exemplary service. The staff at Tanjung Rhu showcased impeccable hospitality, ensuring every guest felt cherished and attended to. When a minor mishap led to one of our children getting sunburnt, the team went above and beyond, from procuring aloe vera gel to providing insightful advice on sun safety.

The view is only matched with the exemplary service
Surround yourself with nature, the sounds of the waves, the rustling of the trees & more

If you’re looking for a peaceful stay where you can enjoy local food, take in the view and truly be enchanted by Langkawi, then we’d recommend the Tanjung Rhu. It was not only memorable but one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in.

Embark on a journey here and let the magic of Tanjung Rhu envelop you.

Highly recommended.

SE Staff Writer.

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