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Ahlan Lounge, Dubai

Ahlan is a premium, personalised concierge service provided by Dubai International Hotel. Located within Dubai Airport’s Terminal 1 Arrivals and Terminal 3 Departures, the Ahlan lounge is a premium experience available for passengers who are flying into Dubai Airport as a luxury meet and greet service.

Every time we come to Dubai with the family, we always book this particular service because it’s incredibly convenient and is especially good for those who are travelling as a family.

Once you land at Dubai airport, as soon as you get off the plane and head towards the exit tunnel, there is a representative who meets you to take you through to the Ahlan lounge. The first thing that hits you is the vast amount of space in the lounge and how big it is. The Business lounge can take up to 177 people and the First Class one can accommodate 156 passengers with a view to allowing enough dedicated space per person for their personal or professional needs.

Ahlan lounge is pleasant, eye-catching, beautiful relaxation space with a great atmosphere and delicious buffet. You can have a nice meal and relax while waiting for your flight or just refresh and recharge after a long haul flight.

We had landed around about midnight and amazingly were the only people in the whole lounge. Like a TARDIS, it seemed absolutely huge with subtle adorning décor. All guests get the mini red carpet treatment with Ahlan’s huge red rug and sofas scattered all across the lounge. The best way to describe it is like a hotel lobby except in an airport.


On entry, staff offer you free fresh Juices and biscuits and then disappear with a smile to get your luggage. No waiting for the conveyor belt here, which is a big plus, especially with children. You just give them your luggage slips and they swiftly return with your bags. They then come to the lounge to pick you up and then they take you through to fast track immigration.

This is the biggest appeal of booking with Ahlan. It means you don’t have to wait in a queue or for immigration as you’re taken to a fast track queue and are seen to within minutes. Those who have frequented Dubai airport previously will know how busy it can get and the immigration queue can have an average wait time of an hour, so to save time the Ahlan service is definitely recommended as it provides comfort as well as gains you time. You don’t even need to pick up your luggage as they have already done that for you so you’ll be in Arrivals in no time.

At Arrivals, if you’ve booked an airport transfer with your hotel, then your Ahlan representative will take you all the way to the car and even put your luggage in too. The only thing you need to do is follow him/her and stretch your legs.

It is literally an amazing service from the moment you leave the plane to the moment you leave the Airport and in great time too since the whole thing can take about thirty five to forty minutes which is fantastic.

The cost per person was approximately 165 Dirhams which works out at around £30 each. If you’re traveling with young children, the Ahlan lounge is hugely convenient and a must!
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