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Chili’s in Dubai is Pure Bliss on the Walk

Confession: Chili’s in Dubai is one of my favourite restaurants. Each time my family and I visit Dubai by The Walk, we always end up in Chili’s. It’s opposite the Dubai Jumeirah Hotel right on the beach on the corner, making it an excellent location and always accessible for last minute hunger pangs.

Chili’s serve a mix of Southwestern-inspired, American and international foods which include burgers, beef ribs, sizzling fajitas and boneless buffalo wings. Given this restaurant is a staple of our trips, we opted for a new dish to try, which today was a triple steak with each one having a different coating and flavour. One had prawns, another had mushrooms and the other had vegetables and mash. To wash it down, I went for my usual bottomless Diet Coke which I began consuming in copious amounts before the food arrived since a good steak always takes its time to be marinated, prepared and cooked to perfection. The fifteen minutes we had to wait were spent watching the world go by from the centre of the Walk in a rare moment where we weren’t part of the hustle and bustle of the promenade and able to sit, observe and just enjoy being there. The Diet Coke definitely helped too.

A sizzle announced our food’s arrival alongside the strong aroma of a cooked steak, bubbling away enticing all who watched it travel in our direction.

The steak tasted as good as it looked, being served in a white dish with a layer of vegetables on the bottom (carrots, lettuce, onions) and three sizzling steaks sitting on top. One had a thin layer of a vegetable mash seasoning, the mushroom one had good sized chunks of mushrooms which complemented the steak (no salad-thin slices here!) and the third had a single coated-fried prawn on top.

A side salad looked like it had a rough ride, which is what I’d expect if it’s coming with a steak! It was torn to shred, had lettuce shavings wincing on the sides, smashed tomatoes that seemed to have been pulverised by the Hulk with enough green to make even Bruce Banner envious. It was crispy, crunchy and with a distinctively flavoured dressing that went great with the steak and Diet Coke.

Overall an as-expected great meal at Chili’s in a fantastic location that is on point for people-watching, soaking up the Marina and Walk or just basking in the lively atmosphere.

Simply heaven.

SE Staff Writer.


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