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Ping’s Pan Asian, Selfridges, London

Central London is always bustling. A quick bite is in order on most days, but fast food doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice on taste and something that is lovingly prepared. If you’re after something special, then discover Malaysian food extraordinaire in Ping Pan Asian, located on the 4th floor of Selfridges.

This busy dining experience is where your tastebuds meet 2014’s Masterchef winner Ping Coombes’ desire to bring authentic Malaysian food to the masses in London. Having grown up in Ipoh, where the vibrant food scene is a reason to travel there – even within the country, her passion for Malaysian food shines through in the variety of dishes available. We are told that all the meat is Halal, there is no cross contamination or alcohol used in the food either.

Lunchtime on Saturday afternoon is as manic as expected, however service is quick, the food sparkles from being fresh off the pan, wok, grill or wherever else it’s brought out from and the aroma and steam momentarily transport you to a makeshift kitchen in Malaysia, courtesy of Ping Coombes.

Authentic Malay food is served with options for everyone so repeat visits are encouraged in order to try everything from the aromatic duck spring rolls and chicken satay to the dim sum and nasi lemak.

Nasi Goreng

Opting for the nasi goreng and comparing it to the likes tasted in Malaysia itself as well as Indonesia and Dubai, Ping Pan Asian’s rice dish came up top to trump the rest. The level of spiciness was perfection, taste rolled off each grain of rice. Nasi goreng is Malaysian fried rice with chicken, asparagus, onions and fried egg, but don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you, the kick is added by the spiced-up preparation and it was divine. Even the chicken glistened with succulence making for a mouth-watering meal.

Mee Goreng

We also tried the mee goreng, which is wok-fried egg noodles with spring onion, tofu, beansprout and red onion. The noodles were silky smooth and shiny, ornamented in taste with the tofu and red onions, which had been cooked to perfection. Having tasted malay food in Malaysia, this London gem provides authentic, fresh and delicious food that brings Malaysia to the West End. For those in a real rush, the deli counter downstairs has boxes of takeaway food available but when heaven is only 4 flights up, why not take the time to indulge in Malaysian culinary delights?

A must-visit for all food lovers and a showcase for Ping Coombes desire to bring the Far East to the heart of the West, Ping’s Pan Asian shows why this Masterchef winner’s dream took away the crown 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.


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