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Top Five Family Friendly Destinations

When it comes to traveling with children, choosing a family friendly destination can make your trip less hectic and more enjoyable. Chances are when your child throws random tantrums, you want to assist them right away with the resources you have available. Planning ahead can save you time and your little one less tears. Here are some family friendly destinations that are perfect for your kid’s entertainment and safe for your concern.



Well known for its fantastic attractions, Turkey has something to offer for you and the kids. Grand Bazaar has the potential of holding your kids attention for the longest time. A friendly game of scavenger hunt through the bazar will keep them charmed and connect them to the rich traditions, colours and entertainment of Turkey. Traditional toys to universal toys, it is a great place to find a souvenir that your child will love. Due to Turkey’s location there are rivers and seas that you can explore. Feed the fishes and enjoy the sunset in the Bosporus River. Encourage your little ones to taste traditional Turkish food, it will teach them about culture.


Believe it or not, there is a strong Muslim community in China and it is rapidly growing. China may not sound like the ideal family destination for your child but trust us, it will be a trip they will talk about to all their friends. Trains fast as lightning and theme parks with amazing rides are enough to keep your little ones from getting bored. Shanghai has some of the best theme parks whereas Hong Kong has Disneyland. Check your children’s funometer and choose wisely. Cuddle with some giant pandas in Chengdu, but be on the lookout just in case one of your kids tries to take them home. But don’t just be a tourist; get friendly with the locals, sit with a Chinese family, learn about the culture and taste some REAL Chinese food.

New York

Whether the weather is sunny or whether the weather is cloudy, New York has indoor and outdoor activities that will have your little one’s funometer jumping. During the summer time, there are plenty of games and all sorts of entertainment in Central park. Victoria Garden opens every summer while the merry-go-round is open through all the seasons. Feed the ducks in the lake or watch the man blow giant bubbles while your child runs and pops it. Coney Island has tons of attractions including a beach, aquarium and a giant Ferris wheel that overlooks Brooklyn. You’re never too old for New Yorks famous street food pizza slices, they’re a great way to bond. Engage in exciting games with your child all day long. End your day with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History while your child gazes in amazement at the giant fossils. Some of these activities are free while others fairly cheap, so try to do as much as you can.


Kangaroos are not the only attractions in Australia, in fact this Island has tons of exotic creatures that have your children oohing and awing all through the trip. Visit the Sea Life aquarium in Melbourne where thousands of fishes are awaiting your visit including Saltwater Crocodiles. Or check out some land creatures in the Melbourne Zoo, home to about 250 species–including kangaroos! Ever milked a cow? Animal Land Children’s Farm allows you to touch, feed, pet, and milk the cows. I’m sure your little farmer will be thrilled at the opportunity. End your vacation with a visit to Great Ocean Road where there’s surfing, scuba diving, and tons of fishes. Run towards the wave and jump when it finally comes towards you. Play games all day and then watch the glorious sunset as a family. Theres no experience like it.


A religious journey to one of the holy cities of our benevolent prophet (PBUH) is always the best choice. Children may not comprehend the significance of the trip but it will resonate with them big time. Umrah is a great way to bond with your family and teach them about Islam. As your child grows up and starts making moral decisions, trips like the Umrah will strengthen their moral grounds. Living in a non-Muslim country can be tough so the Umrah is an excellent choice to expose your child to their Islamic roots. Plus the Kaaba in the background makes for unforgettable baby pictures for the family album!

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