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Top Five Muslim Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Is your spouse the Habibi of your dreams? Honeymooning is the perfect time to find out. Due to the many luxurious destinations around the world, it might be tricky to find an affordable, relaxing, and secluded Muslim friendly destination. Here is a list of places that are a combination of the three and a fantastic way to set the tone of your marriage life.

Sri Lanka

The magical island of Sri Lanka has romantic written all over it. Book a hotel near one of the finest beaches and chat till the sun goes down. Breezy weather in the evenings is ideal for a romantic dinner by the water. The tranquil atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop, allowing you to let go of the crazy wedding preps and just enjoy one another’s company. Wadduwa, a small town is recommended for its phenomenal blue water beaches. Hotel Serene Pavilions located on the beach is spacious with private villas each with its own private swimming pools. The food is a bit pricy, but the beach restaurant next to the hotel offers scrumptious seafood. The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is the spark that will kindle your love for one another.


With a plethora of islands, Indonesia has dreamy landscapes galore, take your time picking the ideal one for your honeymooning. The Muslim archipelago has plenty of halal food along with tons of beaches. Jump on the nearest boat and go island hopping with your significant other. One of the hidden gems of Indonesia is Rote Island known for its beaches and popular for surfing. Because the island is one of the less populated, chances are you have more alone time with your spouse. The Karimunjawa archipelago consist of 22 stunning islands, each one better than the next. These islands are known for snorkeling and diving. Whether you decide to swim in the remote beaches of Rote Island or dive into the beaches of Karimunjawa archipelago, Indonesia awaits the two of you.


South of India, Mauritius is a tropical island almost as equally charming as your spouse. This stunning island welcomes you with its white beaches, golf courses, and surreal warm waters. Halal food is fairly accessible since 18% of the population are Muslims. Sink your toes in sandy beaches and get to know your spouse – but it is important to know that almost all of the beaches in Mauritius are public. You can also go for the many couples packages available, enjoying the luxurious spa treatments and massages that will help you unwind and relax into each others company. The Angsana Balaclava resort has much to offer and it comes with excellent service. This tropical getaway is affordable and should be one of your top choices.


A delicious cup of tea from the gardens of Nepal is just what you need to start your honeymoon. Enjoy a cruise down the famous river Ganges as the sun sets. Go hiking and explore Nepal’s beautiful mountains. Nature at its finest, the Langtang National park is filled with panoramic scenery. Spend a night in one of the inns in the Langtang National park, enjoy the view and your spouse’s company. The religion of the country is predominantly Hindu, however halal food can be accessible as there are Muslims in Terai and Kathmandu, the main city of Nepal. If you and your spouse are into nature, Nepal is a wise choice for our honeymoon.


There are many stunning regions of Pakistan that are excellent for honeymooning. Because Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country, halal food is available pretty much everywhere. The valleys of Azad Kashmir is a gem in South Asia. This famous setting is often the backdrop for Bollywood movie shoots. Book one of the hotels in Kashmir and enjoy the luxurious views of the mountains. Pearl Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad is known for its view and excellent service. A couple that prays together, stays together. Visit some of the beautiful mosques in Pakistan like the Badshahi in Lahore and the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. Pir Sohawa 17 miles out of Islamabad is an amazing resort with gorgeous nature sights and awesome restaurants. Honeymooning in Pakistan is convenient due to the affordable hotels and complementary delicious halal food everywhere you go. Exploring the great wonders of Pakistan is a fantastic way to start your married life.

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