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Traveling Tips for Sisters

Listen up sisters! Ever been in an awkward situation where your hijab prevented you from doing something? When someone invites you to go swimming or to the gym, your immediate response follows, “is it sisters only?” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there were more “sisters only” facilities? Gosh. We know and we understand your pain. Thus, this article is dedicated to all the sisters that wish they had enough security to take off their hijab and for once, enjoy. Imagine feeling the warm sun on your face while it shines on your luscious hair. And if you’re in luck, you’ll have your spouse shouting, “Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair!” okay, that’s not an absolute guarantee. However, our aim is to provide tips on how to make your vacay a marvelous experience.



It is absolutely important to make sure there’s privacy in your destination when booking your trip. Last thing you want is to stay indoors because of your creepy neighbor. Private pools and Jacuzzis are perfect for sisters. Outdoor pools with a fence around it works as well, make sure to communicate that information with your host. Secure a location with the utmost view keeping in mind the degree of privacy you want. The countryside of a location is always a safe choice. You can find huge cabins with fairly cheap price. Sticking to the country side of an area will decrease the chances of bumping into strangers that way you can focus on your people. Nice view, great people, and privacy is all you need to have a blast!

Check List

Cell phone, check. Wallet, check. House keys…oh no! You must have left it in your other sweater pocket that you didn’t pack. But the house is a mess and you need to catch your flight. What should you do! Before you panic, here are some tips on how to avoid these dilemmas. Creating a check list weeks before will make your job easier. Get into a habit of dropping your wallet, phone and keys in a small basket. The day of the trip you can empty out the basket of your necessities into your purse. That way if you remember your cell phone, you will find your keys at the same spot. If you are old school and decide to print your itinerary, take a picture of it just in case. You will be looking at it couple of times almost as often as you check your phone for messages. Might as well screenshot the email, that way you’re not trying to connect to Wi-Fi in the airport in search of your email with the itinerary. Dress comfortably for the airport by wearing shoes that you can easily take off during security check. Also avoid wearing too much jewelry, it will save you time.


Ladies, ladies, ladies, we know the importance of matching your polka dot hijab with blue converse while wearing that cute shirt you purchased just for the trip. Take time to plan out your outfits days before the trip. As a matter fact, make it a mission and call in an expert, your best friend. No one knows you better than your other half and if you look fat in that dress, they will let you know. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara along with lipstick that doesn’t come off when you eat is just as important to some more than others. Pack comfortable hijabs that will allow you to feel the breeze as the wind blows, jersey hijabs may not be the best choice. Shoes are vital to your outfit just as your heart to your body. Wear comfortable sneakers, flats, and carry extra pair of sandals in case of emergencies. Lastly, don’t stress yourself over appearance. After all, you are going on vacation to relax.


“Going to the airport”—selfie! These days we have the urge to take pictures of everything including food. Of course, there should be an extent on how often you are on your phones during the trip. Believe it or not social media can wait. One or two pictures will get the likes, no need to take hundreds pictures of the same thing and use up your storage. Put your phone down. Bond with the people you booked the trip with. It’s time to play catch up because moments like that doesn’t come every day. You never know the next time you will be with that person. Appreciate each other’s company. There’s no harm in posting pictures after the trip from the comfort of your bedroom. And for those Snapchat addicts, wouldn’t you want pictures that will last longer than 24 hours? Try taking a picture with your mind, it will last as long as you want!

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