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How Halal is Disneyland? Sociable Earth found out!

Recently we’ve been asking our readers how Halal Disneyland is and their experiences with regards to availability of Halal food and places to pray. We received a lot of feedback but with differing opinions. Some found that Halal food was not available or signposted, while others said it was available on request. We also had complaints that there was no place to pray while some said a room was available but you needed to ask for it.

Here’s some of the responses that came through:

“I went to Disneyland (in Anaheim) many times. When we told them about not having pork products in our food, the cast members were friendly and accommodating. As for prayer, I spoke with the cast members at City Hall about a quiet room to pray in, and they provided a spare room for my sisters and I to pray. They were very friendly and understanding. They said they have a spare room available for anyone who needs it.” – Yasmeen Refai

“They are very receptive to their guests needs. Just call ahead of time to discuss your dietary needs and they will try to accommodate as best as possible. We had no issues getting halal food on our Disney cruise. They do the same for the parks.” – Maddiha Payami

“I have been to Disney resort in Orlando US. They do serve halal food but you would have to ask. They prepare it separately and label it as well.” – Yasir Chaudhry

“Visited Disneyland in Hong Kong in 2018, it had at least 3-4 halal eateries and a prayer room as well.” – Thaariq

“Disneyland Paris: head to guest services at the town hall and ask for a small room that you can pray in. You will have to move sone furniture around. Toilets are a little further away.” – Shazeea Banu

“All Disney parks around the world are very family and Muslim friendly. They are #1 with their guest service and will go above and beyond to make your vacation enjoyable. There are halal options, you just have to let them know ahead of time (meat). Otherwise there are tons of vegetarian options and seafood options available. There is no issue finding a place to pray.” – Farhan Hamid

We decided to go straight to Walt Disney Parks themselves to find out how Halal Disneyland is and were pleasantly surprised by the answer. Here is their answer in full and please note this applies to Walt Disney World in Florida:

“Most Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Table Service restaurants that accept reservations can accommodate Halal meals if requested at least 24 to 72 hours in advance. We encourage our Guests to contact us at regarding their requests for Halal meals at Table Service restaurants.

Halal meals, which may contain either animal protein or be vegetarian, are available at the following Theme Park Food & Beverage locations with no advance notice needed:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park:
– Satu’li Canteen

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:
– ABC Commissary
– Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

– Sunshine Seasons
– Restaurant Marrakesh and Spice Road Table

Magic Kingdom Park:
– Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
– Tony’s Town Square

Please note that Halal meals will also be readily available at Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Table Service and Quick Service/Food Court locations. Deluxe Resorts will also offer Halal meals as part of their Room Service menus. Please be aware that while we strive to have a variety of options available to our Guests, many locations may only be able to provide one type of Halal protein per meal period. We recommend dining at multiple locations to ensure variety throughout your visit.

Additionally, Disney Springs is made up of what is referred to as Operating Participant locations as well as Disney-owned and operated locations. You may also be aware that the majority of restaurants at Epcot are Operating Participants as well. In Epcot, the pavilions that are owned and operated by the Walt Disney World Resort are Norway, The American Adventure, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada. The pavilions that are Operating Participants are Mexico, China, Italy, Japan, Morocco and France. With that said, the Operating Participant restaurants do uphold by the Disney standard, in addition to the service we provide, but they also abide by their own dietary restrictions for all Guests. This means that Halal menus may vary based on the location in which you dine; not all locations will be able to accommodate with a Halal protein, and may instead offer fish as a protein or even vegetarian options.

Halal menus vary from restaurant to restaurant and are subject to availability. Due to the special care taken to accommodate this dietary request, these meals may take longer to prepare.”

So there you have it! Disneyland themselves have said they can accommodate Halal food if given enough notice and in some cases, restaurants already provide them. We hope this information is useful for you insha’Allah especially when planning your trip to Disneyworld.

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